1. That is a belgian flag! German is with same color stripes , but horizontal,
    not vertical.

  2. yes I agree, All-in was a dangerous move, but I think I have done that with
    KK (2KA)and lost to trip aces on an all in, especially since the AA didn’t
    touch any bet till the turn and it was only a small re-raise…

  3. I feel Sheikan’s pain… I thought he was a total douche although he kinda
    is, but Cards are just cruel and sick at times. Smh!

  4. 45:07 extremely well spoken…. she will be a name you hear in the future
    not to mention, what a rack

  5. Ravn should have raised on the flop or folded. He should have acted like he
    had jacks. It served no purpose raising on the turn because Van Luuk knows
    if he had 4/5 he would have raised on the flop. I guess he could have 5/6
    — but if he had trip 5s he’d probably have called the turn.

  6. What was that dope showboating for with A5 suited? Just fold, dumbass. Stop
    holding up the game.

  7. BOOM! Goodbye Ivey. Well, he made the right call… what can you do? That’s
    poker. Great play by Steinberg.

  8. Right. Call the turn, don’t check raise it! If you’re good enough, give it
    a little hollywood. You want value, you will get more money on the river.
    He had the nuts and should only be worried about an ace on the river. Even
    then he has the third nut hand to pocket aces and AJ. You dream about hands
    like those with straight and flush draws on the board when you have the

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