1. The slope railbird @ 15:10 needs to die a slow death. “‘aaeessh keeeng?”
    Fucking gook bastard.

  2. Please don’t post anything that has Isaac Haxton speaking. Mute and
    subtitle him, that’s fine, he’s a good player, but don’t post audio of the
    noises his mouth makes. Please. I have a family, I don’t want them hearing

  3. The “This is the first poker game of George Carlin since he’s passed away”
    joke is hilarious! Pretty sure George would have laughed himself
    (especially given notable physical resemblance).

  4. If you fold a hand like AKs in that spot, with the stacks and level being
    where it was at, you should just might as well quit poker altogether. If
    you think carefully about the range of hands that the villian could be
    shoving there it would include not only all pairs but hands somewhat weaker
    and even dominated by AKs, such as AQ+, KQs, etc.

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