1. My GOD Russel Thomas folding a set. That’s why he was at the final table
    last year.. I would snap call that..

  2. What a fold at 34:50… Guess that’s why I’m still holding on to my office
    job… ;O)

  3. that is fukin epic lmao!! the look went from cockie.. to a look of when
    your sitting on the toilet and your constipated and your trying to force a

  4. Jamie Gold proved in one particular week in one particular year you can
    have the sickest run imaginable. After that ive seen more you tube videos
    of him getting beat and battered by other poker pros

  5. I like the reaction of the dude sitting to his right. He flinched at the
    sight of the river and he wasn’t even involved in the hand xD

  6. it’s funny because the look of despair on his face was just so scarily
    genuine! Like….you can just tell by his expression that he’s thinking
    that fate is against him.

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