1. how can you fold there timoschenko? he’s so smart and i think he knew from
    the second when she announced allin that he was beaten.

  2. 1:04:00 if you ever played tournament poker, you can imagine the pain
    here.. you make the right call and the 30% long shot comes in. Brutal

  3. I’d love Norman Chad at my home poker game. He’s funny as hell even though
    he does miss the mark a few times.

  4. thanks, i dont always watch full episodes, I like when people post
    timestamps of good hands. such a good fold.

  5. “my name is Carlito Mortensen, you killed my father, prepare to die” best
    quote yet. also I think if I ever sat down with Annette, I’d call time
    every time she played a hand.

  6. Get off the poker table women — and get back into the kitchen!! Get me a
    beer and feed the kids while you’re at it. The MEN are playing poker!!

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