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  2. incredible hand at 38.69. I”m kidin i didn’t go that far. I didn’t even
    went through the first second, that’s how long i could watch this shit. Ho
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  4. I’m 21. From Boston, worked at Walmart for 2 years saved enough for a Vegas
    trip for my 21st bday. Been playing poker for 11 years, played the 3k mixed
    match. 7-1/2 hours in I get AQ call a raise from JOE HASCHEM, flop J10K.
    BINGO! Long story short he flopped a nothing, floated me on the flop,
    turned an irrelevant gut shot straight draw/flush draw I push the turn he
    calls. 4 heart river hits his flush. BRUTAL! Fun, but brutality! Lol.
    Flopped the nuts rainbow and lose, gahhh!

  5. Lindh is a jerk, Jaffa is an idiot, comes to the table and runs into AA but
    the next hand instead of cooling off, looses his shit and pushes with an
    empty hand… He does come across as an arrogant spoilt private school boy
    in his post interview..

  6. All in all I was just explaining why Timoshenko and Mortensen were giving
    him that look. If you don’t hit on the flop though you are basically fucked
    which is what happened, going “all-in” well… your ready, if you hit you
    win. I still feel strongly that an “all-in” pre-flop (in his situation)
    would have been best. He needs more chips in order to survive for now and
    make it through to the final table, a double up would be perfect for him,
    even if he loses he walks away with a lot of cash.

  7. That woman is quite bad xD All the time i see her she goes all in and gets
    lukcy or everyone folds.

  8. As far as I know “BB” is an international acronym in poker for big blind.
    Even in Croatia, where i live, we sometimes say “BB” instead of “big
    blind”. Anyway, as far as i can see, Kaverman was still alive in the
    tournament after that hand, and he most probably wouldnt have been if he
    shoved preflop. And if do as he did, and you hit on the flop, there is
    always a way to get enough value to be satisfied

  9. Next time you go to a casino say to someone randomly in the poker room 16
    BB. It’s not that I can’t decipher what he is saying, I am guessing it
    means 16 Big Blinds. However since he did not say that specifically how am
    I supposed to know if I am correct. BB can be many things and I have never
    heard of someone saying he has BBs playing poker. That’s like me if (while
    I was playing) someone asked how much money I have in total and I were to
    say I have 1.836 potatoes in a basket HPKJMFTV.

  10. I have no idea what 16 BB means. Anyway let me explain; in a tournament
    situation especially, if you are low on chips (low depending) and get dealt
    AK suited, it’s your turn to act first, now a call can be effective to trap
    someone however in this situation it is more of a trap to go “all-in”. I
    can’t really explain in full detail without running out of space but
    mainly; the way he was trying to trap (even if he hit on the flop) would
    equal the least amount gained.

  11. Well it is odd that he didnt shove preflop, but when you look at it, 16 BB
    isnt a SUPER short stack, and since he had a premium hand which is still in
    a flip against any lower pair, maybe he was planning on building up the pot
    a little bit, and then see what he gets on the flop

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