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  2. norman chad is hilarious.. love the way he indirectly snaps on people, from
    what their wearing to how they look.

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  5. I know I can see the cards? but some gay winning calls? min reraise at
    least? gezzzzzz

  6. You may find him humourous (can’t even see that personally) but he most
    certaintly does not know much about the game (NLH that is, I’ve heard he’s
    actually a really decent stud player). Some of the things he comes out
    with, like being surprised when players don’t donk lead the turn after
    calling the flop, just because they have the best hand, shows that he is an
    awful NLH player. For me you can’t go wrong with James Hartigan & Joe
    Stapleton on the EPT Livestreams for humour+solid analysis.

  7. Yeah I don’t mind Norman. The best poker commentator though is Gabe Kaplan.
    He’s funny, knowledgeable, and isn’t annoying. When High Stakes Poker went
    to Norm MacDonald it really fell off.

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