1. Serves them right if the only play they know is all-in with marginal hands,
    yeah, then I guess you have to survive every all-in. Phil Laak look alikes
    and copycats and the new poker play that consisits of the MAGICAL ‘one
    time’? WTF is that about? And giving outs and wimpy checking scary hands
    down?. Those hoodies look like baby one-zees and I had a laugh when no one
    knows who’s turn it is..the all-in or calling player, so they just
    stare ’till someone tells them. LOL

  2. That’s a huge nine, that’s a tournament changer. That’s ten million there
    that’s should had been here”. Alexander, I hope you read this, you dumn
    idiot. You were behind pre-flop (just as you were with A-2 against A-A) so
    you were supposed to lose with your idiot call. There are always some
    players that make the average poker player think: How the hell does this
    guy get so far. And I don’t know how you played the rest of tournament, but
    if I see this then you are such a player. Especially because you’re also
    whining about how unlucky you got while you’re behind because of your dumb
    ass call, you donk.

  3. You just never know. The man who won it all started this episode in last
    place (out of 21), only three of the top 13 at the start of this
    episode even made it to the final table, meaning six of the bottom eight
    made the final table, and the two players that would eventually battle
    heads-up for the title started this episode in the bottom third of the chip
    count (15th and dead last). This is probably a first in the history of the
    WSOP main event’s 44 year history.

  4. Morgenstern’s fall from glory in this episode, is the stuff of legends. Not
    once did he get’s sucked out on. Just bad play after bad play.

    Poker really is amazing..

  5. Maybe Mr Alexander might look up the word “humility” in the dictionary and
    realise the world does not revolve around him…

  6. This is where Riess and Farber scooped their LUCK. Both All in and doubled
    up and top 2 finalled the table. Id rather be lucky than skilled, SMH!

  7. best joke, livingstone owns a pizzeria says its a hipster type of place
    which is his way of telling me not to come LOL

  8. Alexander calling with A2 in that spot for 4M chips when he raised 400k in
    chips is perhaps the most retarded thing I have ever seen in tournament

  9. Wow morgenstern played that really bad. He should have flat called the turn
    when newhouse raised. Newhouse’s range is either a bluff or something
    better than AJ there, so shoving just gets rid of newhouses’ bluffs and
    only gets called by better than AJ. If he flat called the turn he could
    have saved himself some money vs newhouse’s better hands and gained more vs
    his bluffing range, pretty basic tbh..

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