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  2. ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
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  3. I’m only rooting for players who don’t have obnoxious rails like the Reiss
    dude.. gawd people could be annoying

  4. Porter would have made way more money just gambling his 10k. 19-1 twice and
    4-1 at least three times. Its so gross that a donk can make it so deep.

  5. People are stupid sometimes, it’s not our fault. Let him go, someday he
    will MAYBE get some “intelligence”

  6. Riess 1st, Farber 2nd, Lehavot 3rd, Loosli 4th, Tran 5th, McLaughlin 6th,
    Brummelhuis 7th, Benefield 8th, NewHouse 9th. For your information, Final
    Table aired November 4th.

  7. AHAH you should verify what you are saying before call other people scum
    bag. AHAH you fool

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