1. i wish the commentors would be honest. Farber played like shit! folding 5’s
    head up..huge huge mistake amongst other huge mistakes. He’s a luck box to
    have gotten there!! He sucks!!

  2. “Where did Riess get his confidence from?”
    “He got it from his faith and we tried to instill that in him..”
    Yeah god was all “Let this guy be confident so he can gamble and live it up
    in Vegas!” Do these religious morons hear themselves!? 

  3. farber very very bad. 55 heads up and you have to chip it up. and he folds
    omg. He think i wait another 100 hands when i have aces again pff why i am
    watching this. good riess has won it

  4. worst play in the history of poker, i heave never see some idiots on this
    final tabel of the world series before never!

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