1. WHY would McLaughlin 4bet those aces on the third hand?… JC is more than
    likely 3betting him to set a strong image early in the game. Might as well
    call and let him bluff some more.. anyone have thoughts on this?

  2. you might be right if you came from another counrty and if that counrty
    lets you keep you rights… i was thinking more of americans cant have
    citizenship from two countrys… Thanks for your reply i will have to
    recheck what i know looking from the inverse…

  3. You want to say what ever you want, i am the best player at the table or i
    will win it guarantee….but if you don`t win you are an idiot. But i can`t
    say Riess an idiot or arrogant. because he won it all. Good on you Riess!!

  4. Riess is very arrogant to say that he’s the best player and hes going to
    win it. If ur a good player, then you know what variance is, and know that
    one cooler can knock you out. In a tournament where the players average 50
    BB’s, and no one is a fish, you can never guarantee a victory.

  5. First off all , thanks for uploading all the episode through the whole Wsop
    !!! Really Really appreciate it !!!! There is just one thing that bothers
    me a little – I would like to watch the final table with the hole cards
    open – Is there an upcoming episode later on , or are they simply not
    showing them at all ?

  6. i havent watch this first part yet..
    LOOSLI is a weak player..he was so lucky to reach at this final table.. a
    lot of premium hands in a row.. i don’t think he played well to be there..
    unfortunately mortensen is not there… he is the best player of this wsop
    by far..
    but seriously.. loosli is a fuckin loser

  7. lol the commentator at the end “I would have called with the AQ.”
    That’s why you are not sitting at that table. You don’t call a small stack
    all in with AQ pre-flop. (Unless the stack is SO small it won’t hurt you.)

  8. @Rakly3
    Two things. First the commentator is Antonio Esfandiari 3 time bracelet
    winner at the WSOP with tournament winnings exceeding 25 Million.. 2nd,
    Bennefield just showed down with K9 so AQ could of been well ahead of
    Bennefileds range.

  9. @Rakly3 Oh the “commentator”, I guess you mean Antonio Esfandiari, the guy
    who won the One Drop, the biggest tournament in the history of poker and
    took home $18,000,000 for first place, ten million MORE than the main event
    pays out for first… That “commentator” guy? Yea, what does he know…If
    it was the other guys, they just crack jokes, but if it was real poker
    commentary, Antonio knows what the hell he is talking about.

  10. you cant have dual citizenship in the US either your a US citizen or your
    not but you can have dual residency in the US so long as you do not live in
    the US more then 6 consecutive months

  11. Thanks for the upload!
    The cheerleaders are annoying as hell. The Reiss crowd is the worst, like a
    bunch of college kids at a ball game. Have some respect for the game you
    fuckin leeches. I really hope they dont allow this next year.

  12. Antonio isn’t messing around, he guessed pretty much all the hands, he
    should have been at this table…

  13. 15.00 If he has big two face cards any pair i Think hes making this move
    even hands like QJ or JQ I WOULDNT BE SUPPRISED

  14. Fuck with the dollars fucking bitches, right? Nothing more to do on the
    hole life, just fuck with the $

  15. Did anyone else notice the guy in the background casually stick his had
    down his pants at 52:13??

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