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  2. I find that not knowing the hands is less entertaining but actually more
    useful for learning.

  3. I am learning so much from the way Esfandiari explains hand ranges based on
    bet sizing, stack sizes, position, etc., and he is correct almost

  4. In theroy… if you call out of position, then check dark… are you
    technically now in position ?

  5. Is it because of the live broadcast that they are not showing the players
    cards?I find it not as interesting to watch not knowing the cards.

  6. ThaaKillah, you are THE boss!

    They should hire you as underground WSOP ambassador. And i am not joking

  7. every time this Farber nit raises everybody folds because they know how nit
    he is.. I wonder how he reached the ft.. Must have been getting real

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