1. brummelhuis is such a nice player.. i think riess is a nice player.. but
    its was a unbelivable luck at this final table… brummelhuis , levahot ,
    mc … they re nice players.. i dont think this final table deserved this
    weak players..
    i really think that brummelhuis is the best player of this final table..
    jc tran played very bad .. mortensen was the right guy to make this final

  2. Players shouldn’t be allowed to leave the table, no offense but I wished it
    was a lot more like tennis, public quiet during play (not that they need
    it), and players not allowed coaching and that 15min hack… add also a
    timer, this LEHAVOT gets on my nerves

  3. I can’t stand half of the people at the table! that canadian guy was
    folding the other’s guy hand at 8:30 and that guy, the egg guy with a shape
    of a blob, he makes hollywood all the time taking forever, and I knew he
    was bluffing with weak aces, like 2 times

  4. Hi guys. When the commentator says the other players at the table are less
    likely to play with Farber because he always holds premium hands, why is
    that? If you know he is going to have AK AQ AJ KQ the majority of the time,
    would it not make sense to play more with me as you can narrow down his
    range a lot more, and when middle cards hit the flop you can just bet
    regardless if you hit since you would know Farber hadn’t. Sorry if this is
    an idiotic question, kind of new to the poker scene. :)

  5. Bad push by Benefield. He still had a few blinds left before he had to
    push. Could have waited for a stronger hand. Unlucky – great player all the

  6. I didn’t like this whole tournament anyway 🙁 , it was one hell of a bore,
    the rollercoaster guy was fun at least, and the argentinian kid was hot

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