1. Need to do something with the soccer atmosphere of the crowd. Totally
    unnecessary and very distracting…

  2. Why the board says that 7, 8 and 9th player (who obviously are out) still
    have chips when it should say zero? Can someone explain this to me?

  3. Funny how everyone is praising the French-Canadian guy… Getting it in PF
    when there are three other stacks on life support is ICM suicide, even with
    a hand like kings.

  4. I’m not sure if I should really call it talent, but Farber deserved to be
    there given the way he played at this final table. You’re always lucky to
    be at the better end of AA vs KK hands, but he did make a lot of good plays
    based on his opponent’s plays and images of him. The pros did get some
    tough luck, but that’s just poker anyways

  5. Faber played very well and deserved his score, but I felt as if there was a
    weird dynamic at this table where he just got in the flow of things and
    played like the pro’s mimicking their style and bet sizes, and it payed

  6. Question here: is not that reallllyyyy possible to fold KK, when you’re 3rd
    in chips and that your opponent who have more chips than you 5-bet preflop
    for more than half of your stack ????
    Oh and I forget to mention: when your opponent 5-bet you during the final
    table of the most important tournament of the year

  7. @ 15:30, if you put any amount of chips more than the amount for calling,
    then you are forced to make a min raise?

  8. Poker is brutal, it never rewards good play. Mclaughlin was owning this
    table, that was some bs shit at the end

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