1. I’ve only recently started playing Zoom NL holdem, I’m having a ton of fun
    actually! I like it better than regular table games because it’s more about
    the cards and the math than getting reads on your opponents. I’m a big fan
    of Video Poker so this is closer to that, but with real people and better

  2. hey grisped i think it could help u some is write down there stack size
    then u can see if there winning in session all losing also some players go
    tilt ted when lost alot of money be could to keep an eye for this.. what do
    u think??

  3. hi grisped ur vids are great ive learnt abit but i struggle with bet sizing
    and 3bet 4betting players

  4. 420 is a number used to reference cannabis use (marijuana). For example,
    you might find craig’s list posts from people looking for roommates that
    say “looking for roomate, no pets, 420 friendly” etc. hope that helps

  5. allow me some humble criticism, evan: I think the 4.20 bet is bad as a
    value bet. Since the number is symbolic, your opponent can read the
    symbolism for strength. Since if you’re relaxed enough to make your bets a
    reference to popular culture, you’re prob feeling pretty good about your
    hand. For that reason a 4.20 bet is better for bluffing. Just my humble
    opinion as a fellow 4.20 fan.

  6. So we can make money there and “bad beats” the other right?Shove your bad
    hands and you will make good profit every month.Start also fold your
    good,so you cant take some beats…

  7. Do not play poker stars. poker stars rigged as bad as you can get in online
    poker. play live games and you will win more money trust me i know. In
    poker stars 80% of bad beats gripsed do you make much in online poker? i
    think not

  8. the whole strength behind movies like this is following thru and executing
    the plan to completion. If you’re only going to fire one or two, then there
    really isnt much point in starting the bluff in the first place. One cool
    thing is that on each street i’m continuing the bluff i get really good
    odds on my bluff bets, so the success rate at each point in the bluff
    doesnt have to be that high!

  9. “You can also flip and slide. How to do them…” (here I am waiting
    impatiently for his answer and he comes back with) “I’m not quite sure.”
    Had to chuckle at that one.

  10. I really dislike the 3barrel bluff on the J227A board, I mean the whole
    play in itself isn’t terrible but the sizings are pretty bad so when you
    ship this river it looks rly suspicious after your flop + turn sizing. Also
    while the A might look super sweet, u rep really, really small for value,
    since there aren’t many bare aces that you would 2barrel as a bluff on this
    board, and you don’t ship Jx here like ever. Nor do I think you ship QQ/KK,
    so u rly rep some kind of AsXs and JJ.

  11. because im betting less than the pot size, my bluff only needs to be
    succesful about 33% of the time to break even. This applies to each street.
    For a more in depth proof of this watch my video titled “Poker Lesson –
    Aggression” which can be found in the vintage gripsed videos playlist

  12. ha nice had with K8s well played, I would’ve been such a chicken even on
    such a dry board.Think he might of had 10s there or sth like that.

  13. this guy really knows how to play, I feel like I should just forget about
    trying to play poker, at least i’m starting to understand the reality of
    how bad I am, finally, thats a progress for the better

  14. c-betting this board is fine. J high boards are decent boards for floating
    and bluff raising. I also think the player was a reg and therefore would
    have a strong flatting range and would likely at least continue to the
    turn. This is why i opted to check in this situation.

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